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The consistent product quality achieved by Medisteel Company is highly regarded by customers in Egypt. Such recognition is the result of experience and policy combined with a quality Management System developed according to ISO 9001:2008,

We are supported by a team of qualified engineers, chemists and technicians, besides states-of-the-art laboratories
for quality inspection and measurement techniques to ensure Egyptian standard specifications. Sample is taken
periodically and randomly by quality inspectors to carry out destructive or non-destructive testing through quality plan to ensure Egyptian standards.


Test Stages:

* Raw Material Inspection to ensure compliance with Egyptian standards.

* In-process Inspection.

* Finished products final inspection.

Medisteel Quality Control laboratory is equipped with latest testing equipment and manned with qualified and experienced engineers; The Testing Machines is used for testing physical properties of rebar’s as given below
1. Yield Strength
2. Tensile strength
3. Check for any defects such as cracks in Rebar’s
4. Checking the weight specifications